Andiman & Co in partnership with Compin – Fainsa

10 May 2017
Compin – Fainsa becomes a partner of ANDIMAN & CO
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Translec designs and manufactures modern exterior and interior lighting as well as electronic control systems for rail equipment.

TRANSLEC is specialised in photometrics, electronics and mechanics using in-house design capabilities.


Exterior lighting

Translec is the leading manufacturer for exterior lighting systems. It uses the latest light sources including light-emitting diodes (LED), high intensity discharge (HID) and halogen lamps. Furthermore, it offers an integrated exterior lighting system that included all the light units, supplies, control and monitoring installations to reduce the time for installation an improve operational performance.

Translec offers a range of headlights that minimise dazzling for drivers coming in the other direction. Their long distance visibility enables pedestrians to be avoided.

These highly reliable lighting systems allow a constant light output and require very little maintenance.


Interior lighting

Translec designs and manufactures aesthetic and functional lighting systems for rail equipment (fluorescent, LED, fibre-optic and incandescent light sources). These modern systems enable significant cost reductions. Translec also manufactures electronic systems such as door control units, and control and surveillance systems.