Andiman & Co in partnership with Compin – Fainsa

10 May 2017
Compin – Fainsa becomes a partner of ANDIMAN & CO
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NextSense develops, produces and markets mobile, laser-based profile measuring devices.

NextSense is producer of the Calipri-Wheel, a non-contact, laser-based wheel-wear measurement system. Calipri-Wheel has been developed for the wear test of railway wheel sets. Wear parameters such as flange height, flange slope, brake disc wear or wheel diameter are measured precisely.



Railway wheel-set measurement applications

The innovative measurement method facilitates the recording of a wide range of profile shapes with one and the same measurement device. This feature in turn makes possible a broad spectrum of applications. Currently, the following measurement modules are available:

  • Wheel profile
  • Brake disc
  • Wheel clearance
  • Wheel thickness
  • Wheel diameter
  • Wheel defects
  • Runout
  • Rails
  • Switch
  • Equivalent conicity