Andiman & Co in partnership with Compin – Fainsa

10 May 2017
Compin – Fainsa becomes a partner of ANDIMAN & CO
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GUERIPEL SA specialises in technical tube work: bending, deformation, beading, mechanical welding and painting.

Gueripel carries out all tube work operations and thus provides you with a complete service. Indeed, many technical operations are required to arrive at your finished product. Tube bending is just one of these.
Gueripel takes charge of the following operations in particular: study, industrialisation, choice of materials, protection, tube bending, cleaning, assembly, welding (TIG, MIG), painting, packaging and logistics.



Once the tube has been produced and bended, the tube finishing follows, which can consist of the following operations :

  • mechanical welding (traditional welding, orbital welding, welding robot)
  • deformation of the ends, beading, etc.
  • internal and external cleaning and decontamination of the tubes
  • various checks
  • painting
  • storage
  • packaging
  • logistics