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4141 Sprimont - Belgium
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251, rue Joseph Louis Lagrange
59300 Famars – France

Andiman & Co in partnership with Compin – Fainsa


ANDIMAN & Co is now teaming up with Compin - Fainsa

ANDIMAN & Co associates its experience with these of Compin – Fainsa to offer you more comfort.

Compin – Fainsa is the “floor to floor” solutions architect offering a large range of innovative products for the railway, often leaders on their market, such as floors, seats, ceilings, etc.

  • A unique offer on the market : at the same time a catalog of products of range available and easily adaptable but also a “customized” offer make Compin – Fainsa a unique actor on its market.
  • A price adequacy to the need : whatever the need expressed Compin-Fainsa is able to adapt its technical and commercial offer at the best on demand of its customers in compliance with its standard of quality and service.
  • A technical expertise on the value : a dedicated research and development team, an innovative and service spirit make it possible to anticipate the needs of the customers and the expectations of the users of the proposed products.
  • A products quality and an efficient logistic : quality products whatever the customer’s requirements. A command of the logistics chains while being able to adapt flexibly to the operational needs of the different customers.
  • Un groupe solide : with more than hundred years of experience whose financial health is recognized, thus guaranteeing the durability of the commercial relationship with customers and suppliers.

The Andiman & Co Team


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